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We recently had the opportunity to meet Mesr at the shop. After chopping it up at the shop for a bit he mentioned that he was on his way to New Mexico for his crews 30 year anniversary! I couldn’t think of a better way to kick off the blog than with the 30 year history of Zombies Crew! Huge shout out to Mesr and Zombies crew for allowing us this opportunity!

“Rober started the crew in San Diego in 1994 with his friend Biter. It started out as Zoroe and evolved into other words that started with the letter Z, but mainly morphed into being called Z crew, to represent originality since there were no crews at the time with the letter Z in them. The goal in the beginning was for people to think it was just one person but it expanded with early members such as Mesek, Spate and Fesk. The crew remained about that size with some writers fading out until the early 2000s when Rober put down Eanj, Resl, Ninja, Homie and Mesr. This marked a new era in the crew and a marked increase in activity. Through these members the crew expanded into many other regions, most notably the BayArea, Central Valley (CA), Arizona, New Mexico and Hawaii. Over this time the crew evolved from being called Z Crew to also be called ZEE crew (from the phonetic pronunciation of Z) and then out of ZEE, came the meaning “Zombies Exist Everywhere.” From that meaning came one of the most common names for the crew today, Zombies Crew. All of those are correct and accepted names for the crew though so if you see any of those up next to anyone’s name, they’re down with us. Today, we have many heavy hitters, both younger cats working hard to make their mark and older veterans who have paid their dues. We focus on quality work at as high a quantity as possible and make sure the cats we recruit are solid people with good character over everything else. Painting is secondaryto the caliber of person we put in our crew. To see who is in our crew you can visit our Instagram page @thezetas rather than having me list out a full role call. I will give a special shout out to people who have been integral to leading the crew and holding down the various chapters over the years. In California and Hawaii we’ve got Rober, Retsy, Orelse, Knistt, Sestor and Resl.In Arizona, Strike and Cuate have helped build and hold down the Zombie empire in the desert. New Mexico wouldn’t be what it is without the leadership of Afue and Grab. There’s a lot of other members who have been crucial to the crew so let me just take this moment to thank everyone for the work they’ve put in over the years to build this thing up. In the last month we celebrated 30 years of the crew with a reunion of sorts in Albuquerque, NM. Over 30 members of the crew came from all over the nation and we put two new members in as well. It had been a while since some of us saw each other and it was a special occasion, albeit too short. Today, the crew is still focused on action, both on trains and in cities. And also being dedicated to passing the torch to the younger cats who are doing the damn thing. So much respect and love to the young guns putting in the work as well. Thank you Empire for giving us this shine. Much props and respect for what you’re doing for the community. RIP Judge. Z CREW FOREVER—MESR”


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